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Access to Clinical Trials in UK

My husband was diagnosed with CLL in 2011 , at the same time a tumour was discovered in his lung.

He had surgery for the lung cancer and did not need any chemotherapy as it had been found early .

Apart from fatigue he has been reasonably well in the intervening time..however recently his white count has risen dramatically and a CT scan revealed enlarged lymph nodes and spleen.. His haematologist is about to start him on treatment pending the results of a fish test...I was surprised when we were told that he was ineligible for any Clinical trails due to his previous cancer diagnosis...

Has anyone on this site been on a Clinical Trail in the UK despite having had cancer before?

Thank you for your help...this is a very useful site..x

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Dear Alice

All clinical trials in the UK have their own protocol (rules and procedures) and they can be different for each trial - so I am surprised by your consultants general response. Perhaps he had a particular trial in mind.

Generally, patients with an active cancer are excluded but for patients who have not been treated recently and are in full remission the rules could be different.

You need to identify the preferred trial, read the protocol and exclusions and take it from there. It sounds a lot of work but you learn a lot along the way and can end up making a better choice of treatment/trial.

Very best of luck


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