Petition to safeguard the England Cancer Drugs Fund (UK)

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My Haemotologist recently set up a petition to ask the government to reverse the recent changes it has made to the Cancer Drugs Fund that will remove a large group of new drugs from prescription.

Please show your support here

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  • Hi Mike thanks for posting Annah Schuh's lead petition to be delivered to: JEREMY HUNT, SECRETARY OF STATE FOR HEALTH ,

    The NCDF decisions to remove bendumustine and ibrutinib from the cancer drugs fund listing is totally outrageous This prioritisation and delisting process has not adequately assessed unmet need, and patient experience and , patient groups have not been consulted. The views of patients and CLL specialists have not been properly considered which does not ensure treatments of greatest importance to CLL patients remain available.This has not been a transparent process

    We should all press for this to be reviewed.

    We urge the NCDF to review its decision in order to allow clinicians to be able to choose the right treatment at the right time for their patients. The current NICE approved drugs that are available in routine NHS care are totally inadequate.

    We also believe that the NCDF decision making process needs to be amended and has to include specialists for each disease area.

    this petition shows it has collected 1,587

    of 2,000 signatures so far,

    To prevent confusion the post title has been edited to ensure people understand that the Cancer Drugs Fund provides access to treatments for England patients

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