New blog from physician with CLL

I wanted to point out to you an ongoing series of blogs by a US physician who has CLL. Randall Goskowicz. And I invite any of your to share comments and your own blog entry any time. Please see: No login is required. About 4,000 people with CLL now receive weekly e-alerts about these blogs. It's exciting how more websites can work together to provide enhanced power to the CLL Community and at a time when there is increased hope for better care. All the best, Andrew Schorr, Barcelona, living with CLL since 1996.

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  • What a heartwarming story, of a CLL patient (who is also a doctor), and his wonderful "therapy" dog. Other articles in Randall's blog are also very interesting. Thanks Andrew.

  • Yes I found it a heartwarming story too. That indefinable and totally unselfish relationship a dog has with its owner is so special and rewarding.

    A line from his blog resonated with me too describing life pre-CLL, 'and the full scope of my life seemed endless.'

    CLL can impact on that feeling of unhindered possibility and make a bright clear road feel like a series of obstacle courses. Nice blog :-)


  • Thanks for reading.

  • I read his blogs for july and aug. and was wandering why is he being treated if his ALC is only 44k ? I am interested in his specific situation. Thanks, ileana

  • You'll never find a better friend or more

    love than that of a dog , my two dachshunds do the job for me . Everyone should have one if they can. Best Wishes to all.

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