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cdiff # 6

I'm an enduring my 6th Cdiff infection in 12 months. I have been admitted to hospital 7 times totalling 17 weeks.

I am starting a stool transplant trial but I honestly feel no hope.

I wrote recently about going to the ER of a large hospital and dismissed because I have fibromyalgia. I wish the doctor had listened. It was the beginning of another infection that landed me in the hospital critical care a couple of weeks later.

It takes me weeks to get over every infection even with IV support.

Feeling so sad...

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Hi FibroGoddess,

I see that you have found our community not because you have CLL (I hope), but because you've had a terrible time with frequent Clostridium difficile infections and have seen posts about this hard to cure illness to our community. Hopefully you'll have read that stool transplants provide a much higher treatment success rate than traditional alternatives. So take heart that this trial may well see a major turning point in your health.

All the best,



Thank you... I do not have CLL. But bless you all. I never realized I posted to a specific community. Oops! :)


Check out h.pylori my neighbour had an ambulance often at her door with the pain for months, and it ended up to be this which responds to 2 different antibiotics. Never know always pays to query.




I don't have H. Pylori. I have been tested. I have cdiff. I am a medical lab tech. I probably had spires dormant in my stomach that my "good" gut flora could not control and it over grew and populated my colon.

I have been on vancomycin for one year. Not fun.


FMT are highly currative in chronic C.diff, something around 90%

I think you should be optimistic...

Mayo overview...

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You are really going through it, can only say how much I feel for you ans send best wishes that FMT works for you and gives you some quality of life back.

Hope always



Thank you. You are very kind.


Hi FibroGoddess!,

Being sick for so long is really really aweful !!! I hope you new treatment is just the thing for you and you'll be feeling wonderful again!

Best, Denise


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