Take a few moments to improve your on-line security with Google Privacy Checkup

Take a few moments to improve your on-line security with Google Privacy Checkup

It's nigh impossible to avoid Google if you use the Internet. Many of us have Gmail accounts and who doesn't visit Youtube? So while this post is not specifically CLL related, it is about protecting your on-line privacy, which becomes more important to us when we are living with a chronic, incurable illness that can result in us experiencing unfair discrimination. As Jack Wallen writes for TechRepublic, Google has placed privacy into the hands of the end users - that's you, so if you value your on-line privacy, you'd better take some personal responsibility and use the tool that Google has provided!


As Jack Wallen says: "Anyone that uses Google (via Android, iOS, ChromeOS, or Chrome) should consider the Privacy Checkup mandatory and not optional. The privacy of your Google account is now in your hands... use it or lose it.'

Google Privacy Checkup Page

Use this to set what you do and don't want Google to share about you.


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