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Happiness Is Good for Your Health

Happiness Is Good for Your Health

I don't think I am a happy person. As the matter of fact, I believe I am a pessimist and I question everything. In my last visit with my hematologist after a serious of questions he turned around with an angry voice and told me to stop being a pessimist and have some faith. I didn't expect to hear that from an oncologist but I know now that was exactly what I needed to hear and it came from the right person. So read this article and know that happiness is good for your health and have some faith.


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There is little doubt that a positive outlook is a healthy approach and having good friends and family support is important.

The emotional ups and down of our diagnosis as well as hospital visits can be draining to the emotions of the best of us.

And on similar subjects this blog by a Buddhist physician is often a good read.

Perhaps start with this page.

‘ How to be nice to the ones we love most ‘.




NIce link, thanks Dick.


wrong link?? can't open link


Not sure why you have a problem but try happinessinthisworld.com and scroll down towards the bottom of the page.

Note happinessinthisworld as one word.

Or do a Google search and you will soon find it.


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I truly believe that well being encourages good health. Seeing life as optimistically as possible helps with well being. I also believe that we need time to be sad, mourn and move towards acceptance when life throws up difficulties. Sometimes too, it is good to say I am feeling vulnerable and reach out to others for support.

Good challenge can be very useful and it seems your oncologist timed this right.

Pessimism can be challenged with a positive thought, do this often enough and thoughts move to a optimistic place.

Happiness, for me is elusive but something to savour!

Good luck on your life's journey.


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