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My original research on the effects of medical education on the management of geriatric anemia and especially MDS

As some of you may know, I have a background in medical education and just recently stepped away from a paid position as the medical director of a large medical educational nonprofit, Primary Care Network (PCN), so that I could devote my time to the unpaid position as the medical director of the nonprofit CLL Society.

Before I left PCN, we submitted an article for publication to a peer reviewed journal on the importance of anemia in the elderly, especially the work-up for MDS ( a too common secondary cancer associated with CLL).

Well, the article was just published, so for the background and a link to the article please visit my blog:

It is good to know the work you do makes a difference. We measured knowledge before, assessed what was needed, taught to those learning objectives, and measured our impact down the line. We discovered that patients' lives were improved based on the medical education we delivered.

I hope the same principle will inform what we will be doing on the CLL Society website:

For the full three part interview of Professor Hillmen on clinical trial design in CLL, please see this section of our website:

I will be at ASCO soon with my trusty audio recorder. No big budget to bring a full video team and rent a booth, but I will report on the CLL news and abstracts for the CLL Society . Please let me know if you have any burning questions for the docs.

Thanks for letting me gloat a little. It has been way too many years since any of my original research was published in a peer reviewed journal and I am feeling very proud.

Stay strong.

We are all in this together.


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Hi many thanks for your contribution to patients welfare and congratulations on your new publication. Best wishes

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Every reason to gloat Brian. Keep up the good work.

:-) sue


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