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Yet another question

I can hear my pulse in my ear which is driving me potty .Has anyone else experienced this or is this yet another issue ? Sorry to bleat B

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I had that experience but when my blood pressure tables were changed it stopped.

Best wishes Rose


From time to time this occurs naturally. Most of the time our heart beats on without us noticing. However, from time to time, you can become more sensitive to the sound in most people that is normal. However, it could also be that your blood pressure has changed and you could be hypertensive.

I suffer from AF (irregular heartbeat) on occasions and it worsened when on FCR I can feel and hear the change and have learnt to relax and try to control the situation. My nurses were panicking when I suffered a bout in hospital I was pulsing at around 150 beats per minute. I was the calmest person present as I have experienced this on several occasions and within 20 minutes I was back in sinus rhythm.

Most people hear their pulse when lying down.

If you are pulsing in normal range don't worry!

Best wishes




I have had the dreaded tinnitus since 1994 and from time to time I get the pulsing sensation in my ear.

The tinnitus is constant but the pulsing happens rarely ... like Camme says, with me it usually happens, or at least, I usually only notice it when I lie down in bed at night.

I hope that it eases off for you soon.



Hi yet go

I'm sure mine gets worse with stress as well .

Well the day started sunny yesterday here and then turned really cold .What a pain .

How are the shingles ? Hope they are getting a bit easier now .

Well I am on day 11now of Ibrutinib and I must say so far it's been really mixed .Day 5,6,and 7 I began to feel like my old self again but since have felt really grotty one way and the other .I do know how lucky I am to have been offered it as I couldn't have chemo .Ijust hope the side affects settle down .

Well today is another day so I wish you are good one .



Stress and tinnitus go hand in hand, the more the stress the louder the tinnitus its a vicious cycle ... I hope the pulsing settles down and you get back to your old self, letting the Ibrutinib do its job.

Re the shingles, today is the start of week five. I have cut down on the co codimal sweeties, and the marks on my scalp/face and back are fading .. the main trouble was on my leg especially my foot which was totally frozen, just like a visit to an over enthusiastic dentist with his anaesthetic needle. I have Neuropathic damage in my feet, so I suppose it would be a natural place for the shingles to set up shop.

Good luck with the Ibrutinib, and keep us up to date on how you are getting on.



A rushing sound can indicate low hemoglobin. The heartbeat could be because you are dehydrated. A couple of other things to ask about. I hope the side effects from the ibrutinib settle down.


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Thanks Pat

You may have a point there as I had this problem before my anaemia was found .Bit of a long story but had four pints of blood (God bless the blood doner)

I am at hospital on Monday having my bloods taken so I will mention it then .



In my experience it's quite natural from time to time but there are all sorts of causes if it's persistent. Mine was at it's worst when I was anaemic during my chemo - it would be worthwhile asking your doc.

Drink plenty of water & try to avoid heavy meals, especially in the evenings.

Good luck.



Thanks Jaypax

I will do that on Monday when I go for my bloods .

I havnt really got much of an appetite at the moment so find little and often better .

Hope you are well




Just an observation. AF is or can be caused by Ibrutinib use and my pulse is audible at night lying down but other than occasional AF my pulse is around fifty with blood pressure 115/48. recent CT scans shown no nodes anywhere and my WBC is now down to 9, platelet count 140 and red count (Hg) 165. God Bless Ibrutinib I can now have long awaited surgery on 4th. I do believe it is the Wonder Drug despite the odd adverse symptoms like brittle nails and who knows with the addition of ABT 199 once levels are down we may have a cure for some around the corner.

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yep, doctor said it's common when the red blood cells are low


Hi PE1234,

While heart issues regarding blood pressure and arrhythmias can be a part of your problem I suspect the ear canal or more properly what is wrong with the ear canal due to CLL and or in combination with an opportunistic infection can be a better reason for why you can "hear" your pulse. Fluids can be trapped in the ear canal by pressure from swollen lymph nodes or inflamed tissue from infection. The density of fluids not properly draining will amplify the pounding of the heart that you might otherwise not notice.

The article ref. below is not meant to scare you because serious conditions from CLL are the rare exception but CLL can manifest anywhere and if you detect a worsening degree of symptoms you should not ignore them. Mostly we experience the highly annoying plugged ear and sinusitis that is tolerable but if you are the unlucky one ....



Hi there, i know what you mean.... its like a neck clock! mine beats double time. x


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