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Itchy bumps on skin

Hi guys although I have been following your informative posts I now have my first post. Was diagnosed with cll in November 2014. Have been on wait and watch cause oncologist says wbc too low for treatment but after i insisted he has finally sent me for skin biopsy as my higher wbc was initially only detected because of itchy skin bumps which I have had since November. Trouble is we are testing for secondary cancer/skin lymphoma and these tests are so specific as there are many skin lymphomas all with their own detection tests. Any ideas out there? ? Desperate and itchy!!!!

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Hi. I have been on W&W for 2+ years and suddenly got itchy lumps on back of hands

Doc gave me bacterial cream, but that did not work. I have self-diagnosed (with help of friend who is doc), eczema (I have never suffered from this before). The small bumps were itchy and occasionally flaked.

I got a cream from Chemist and all fine now. So it might be as simple as eczema.


I had itchy bumps on my elbows a couple weeks ago. My GP didn't know what they were. I had already started a steroid cream which cleared the problem quickly.


There is a rare skin condition in CLL called leukemia cutis... they should test for that first perhaps


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