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Imperial College T-Cell Boosting Therapy

Imperial College T-Cell Boosting Therapy

Just found the following from Imperial College that sounds interesting.

Experiments in mice and human cells have shown that the protein promotes the proliferation of cytotoxic T cells, which kill cancer cells and cells infected with viruses. The discovery was unexpected because the new protein had no known function and doesn't resemble any other protein.

Researchers from Imperial College London who led the study are now developing a gene therapy designed to boost the infection-fighting cells, and hope to begin human trials in three years

So assume it's a form of the modified T-cell therapies we have been reading about. I note it has to be personalised to the patient by extracting their cells as a first step, so won't be low cost.

Full article:

Also Press:

Please add any links to previous posts on this work, and your thoughts of course.

P.S. Picture - my favorite flowers if I have to make a choice. It will take me a lifetime to get a good photo though.

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