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Increasing Quality of Life For CLL Patients by tackling Fatigue

Increasing Quality of Life For CLL Patients by tackling Fatigue

From the latest CLL Tidbits Newsletter from the CLL Global Research Foundation: "CLL has a profound effect on patients' quality of life because of a number of disease-related symptoms among which fatigue is perhaps the best recognized.


Dr. Estrov and his team discovered that stimulation of CLL cells results in activation of a factor termed Janus kinase (JAK)-2 and the drug ruxolitinib (Jakafi) inhibits this effect.


To test whether ruxolitinib would alleviate the symptoms of patients with CLL that otherwise do not require anti-leukemia therapy, Dr. Estrov initiated a small clinical trial. With the support of Incyte Corporation, the drug's manufacturer, ruxolitinib has been administered to CLL patients. In the vast majority of the 30 patients that were enrolled onto the study thus far, ruxolitinib significantly reduced CLL-related symptoms and improved the patients' quality of life."

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