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Vitamin D - Too much Could Be As Bad For You As Too Little

Hi All,

Many of us take vitamin D and for good reasons. This study has identified a risk of overdoing it. Look at the numbers. A serum Vit. D test is simple (25-hydroxy Vitamin D test) and for those of us living in temperate zones with little sun exposure in winter and lots of sun in summer it is a good idea to vary Vit. D3 supplementation according to how much sun you are getting so as not to go out of the "Goldilocks" zone. I get tested after the end of the 2nd darkest month and in the middle of summer.


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I disagree. Too little is far worse than too much. Dr Michael Holick, who has been studying Vitamin D since the 1960's has only seen one person who "overdosed" on Vitamin D.


You need to read the Copenhagen study, and they are talking about

Serum 25(OH)D from 247 574 ...

Ultimately the study shows a 'sweet spot' for cardiovascular disease mortality...

A Reverse J-Shaped Association Between Serum 25-Hydroxyvitamin D and Cardiovascular Disease Mortality: The CopD Study


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