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An Update from UK CLL "Superstar" Dr. George Follows

An Update from UK CLL "Superstar" Dr. George Follows

Dear CLL friends:

One of my favorite CLL “teachers” is Dr. George Follows from Cambridge University in the UK. Here’s what he told us about the latest in CLL from the ASH meeting recently.

Also, stay tuned for details on the upcoming Patient Power in-person and online CLL town meeting from Phoenix, Arizona on March 29th where patients and family members can ask plenty of questions of THREE experts. I look forward to seeing you there if you enjoy the sun, Spring training baseball and hate the snow in the Northeastern US! Best Wishes, Andrew Schorr

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Dear Andrew,

Thank you for posting the interview.

Best regards,



Great interview and video, many thanks



Thank you Andrew and patientpower.

Your video's are very encouraging and helpful. Bless you


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