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Low Estrogen and stomach disorders

Hi, I am 28 year female, I am going to marriage after 1 month. I have higher symptoms of low estrogen and I am facing lower stomach problems from long time. I feels heaviness and discomfort, yes I am overweight but still I have doubt that I have some serious physical problem . my periods also irregular. My Basophil=00, P.C.V./Hematocrit = 38.25%, M.C.H.( Mean Corpuscular Hb = 24.80, M.C.H. (Mean Corpuscular Hb C) = 30.90, ESR = 30 .

Is these facts could be cause of infertility ? Please advice.

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Hi Harprit, I suspect you've accidentally posted to the wrong community. This is a leukaemia support group.

You can leave a community you may have accidentally joined by deselecting it on your profile edit page:

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