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8 ‘Foods’ Americans Eat that are Banned in Other Countries

I was truly troubled reading this article. It made me wonder. Some of us are lucky to live in this country and be able to have access to the newest and most advanced medical supplies and treatments available anywhere. On the other hand, why our representatives and government agencies are so hesitant to take action against those who are poising our citizens?

I guess my father in law has been right by saying, "money talks and the rest of us are just walking."


I highly encourage those of you living in US bookmark this site and sign the petition for GE labeling before it is too late.


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EWG is a great organization, worthy of our support.


Just signed the petition (second link) and hope others will as well. When one considers the number of foods in the US that are tainted - Genetically modified or full of hormones, antibiotics, arsenic, etc. - it leaves one almost afraid to eat.


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