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Staying well this Festive Season

Staying well this Festive Season

Martyn Kirk, Convener, Master of Philosophy in Applied Epidemiology and other authors from the Australian National University have provided some helpful tips to help keep you safe from food poisoning in the accompanying articles. While outdoor parties/picnics are part and parcel of the Australian summer, the tips here apply equally well to the indoor equivalent in the Northern Hemisphere winter. As the first article says "Children, older people, and those who have a compromised immune system (sadly that's us, folks) are more likely to be hospitalised from food poisoning."

Health Check: how to avoid food poisoning at summer picnics

Health check: how to avoid getting ill from chicken

Photo: A lonely picnic table waiting for a party

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Thank you for this timely reminder.

Love the picture - all that sunshine and an empty picnic table - I'm looking forward to teleportation so I can come and get some!

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