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Severe leg pain

Good news!

I went to see my physio yesterday as the pain was stopping from me walking.

She has discovered I have a back problem !

Probably either an inflamed or trapped nerve!

VerY much better today after her treatment so am delighted .

Thank you for your support I was beginning to think I would just have to live with it.

All best wishes for Christmas and the New Year

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What a relief! Hopefully you will soon feel better. Have a great Christmas and a healthy and happy New Year.x


I'm so pleased for you. It must be a relief to know what is causing the problem and that it's nothing CLL related. Have a lovely relaxing Christmas.



Good news speckly. Enjoy Christmas.



Nobody should have to live with constant pain - but many do.

So pleased yours has eased. Long may it continue. All the best.


I also have CLL and a herniated disc that causes radiculopathy (major leg pain) . Keep in mind just because we have CLL doesnt mean we cant get other ailments. My disc will flare up from time to time. Episodes are relieved with chiropractic care, spinal decompression and epidural steroid shots if needed. Im sure there will be future episodes unfortunately, but not related to CLL. Good luck

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