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Don't forget to check out our pinned posts

Don't forget to check out our pinned posts

Posts that answer commonly asked questions are pinned on this site for ease of access. With the changes to the HealthUnlocked website, pinned posts have become less obvious, but they are still there. You can navigate there by clicking on 'CLL Support Association' under the My Communities menu item, then clicking on the All Posts link to the right of Latest Posts, or you can click on the link below (and perhaps bookmark it) :

You'll find the pinned posts on the right hand side. We can't yet sort them to keep them in order of importance/interest, so you may need to click on "View 25 more" to find what you are after.

If you consider a new post worthy of joining the pinned posts, just let the administrators know in a reply and your request will be considered, with replies getting a high "Recommend' count obviously very likely to make the grade.

You can also view previous posts by category by clicking on your topics of choice in the Topics section below the list of pinned posts.

Happy browsing!


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