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Blood work

Two years for now -it shows-

a) Albumin- 41.9 g/L

b)Alpha -1 Globulin 2.7 g/L

c)Alpha -2 Globulin 7.7 g/L

d)Beta 1 Globulin 4.5 g/L

e)Beta 2 Globulin 5.2 g/L MARKED HIGH

f)Gama Globulin 11.9 g/L


IMMUNOGLOBULIN A=3.97 g/L, G=11.57g/L,, M= 0.38 g/L (Marked H)

C4= 0.43 g/L

C3 =1.29 g/L

Getting recurrent infections severe 24/7,,antibiotics showing no effects. sinus nose stiff,mucus. tired,weak,

ESR also high.

what are expectations

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I notice you first posted to another group when you first joined the HU platform with blood readings seeking answers. are you seeking a doctor who can read and interpret these values?


this is regarding to get guidance for blood work done, the tests mentioned on this post are different than posted on other community, anyway this is up to you. you will agree that there is nothing like offensive as you mentioned.


Do you have CLL? What province are you in?


I've been on Wait& watch for 8 yrs

I live in Edmonton Alberta.


can u please mention your present and past history of those concerns. I am in Calgary


Thanks for your your reply,

Can you visit a doctor who will be qualified to give you guidance about your blood results? It will be very difficult for someone to give you clinical guidance on line with so little information about you. Are you a CLL patient? Occasionally a CLL specialist may chip in here in this group.

There was nothing offensive in this post you are correct. The post that may have been considered offensive was removed by admin.


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