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Getting you doctor to speak English!

Many of us know Dr. Susan Leclair, professor of Laboratory Science at Univ of Mass., is the best! Now we are starting a new video series with her on at our own expense. In this first in the series she explains why your doctor speaks in medicalese and how you can get them to speak to you in English. Breaking Down Patient-Doctor Language Barriers

Let me know what you think and look for more soon. Even recommend this to your doctor. They may laugh. Best Wishes, Andrew Schorr

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Thanks for the video Andrew, so true and great advice :-)

You may be interested in this document from the guidelines section of the UK CLL Forum.

Communicating with patients - 2012 guidelines

This was written by the UK CLL Forum to advise UK medics, I think I may send this to one or two I know


BRILLIANT… This should be a MUST WATCH by all of us with CLL.

Dr. Susan Leclair continues the selfless assistance that she has provided to the CLL community for many years.

Thank you ( again )



Thanks for commenting. Yes, I hope people watch this.



You are a constant source of information and support. Thank you so much..


Thank you. Best to you!


Thank you for posting this video Andrew. I think the deafness comment is one we all recognise. One for us all, but most probably one most needed by the folk who don't know they need it.. Those yet to be diagnosed. Hope everyone here watches and takes notice, a valuable contribution to our knowing how to communicate with those we rely on to provide us with medical help.

Thanks again



Hi this is a great video and a great help. Best wishes


Thank you! More coming.


Thanks Andrew a great job as always looking forward to the next video. Regards Ron


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