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Details and Analysis of the FDA Approved Indications for Idelalisib PLUS Links for Financial Help

Hi Friends,

What a great week for us CLLers. First FDA approval of idelalisib, then the positive recommendation for approval for idelalisib and ibrutinib in the EU, then the surprising FDA approval of ibrutinib in frontline 17p deleted patients. I will be parsing all this on my blog, but first I spent a quite a lot of time studying the indications and usage and speaking with experts on the new label for Idelalisib (or CAL-101 or GS-1101 or now Zydelig) and there are some subtle surprises in those details that I review in my blog.

I also included some links to the Gilead and LLS websites that provide details of what they offer in terms of their financial and other support.

If you are interested, please check out


Stay strong

We are all in this together


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Thanks Brian, for your informative blog that provides interesting background to the recent FDA approvals and explains some of the background to treatment approvals and off label treatment possibilities. Possibly good news too for those in the USA that medically qualify for the new treatments but face financial barriers in doing so.

To me, the first instance of different treatment for SLL compared to CLL is just an extension of the rapidly growing choice of treatment options, which make it practical to increasingly match individuals to the optimum choice for their genetics, prior history, age, comorbidities, etc. Exciting times indeed and hopefully increasing competition will enable the rest of the world, particularly those countries with universal health care, to catch up with the growing treatment options available in the USA.



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