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shingles/bone ache/flushes

hello everybody,just to let you know where we are mother 88,diagnosed ealy stage cll..3/2/2014..she had steroid injections for back pain 28/2/2014..ever since more back pain/flushes and the meantime she had an abdomen ultrasound scan/abdomen. she has been on watch/wait since 3/2/ treatment yet,and no information until 1/5/2014,when hopefully she can get some help/information..unsure of which path to take going forward from that time GLA..unable to respond because i do not have internet access,except now and again..thanks all

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Hi Chris. Watch and Wait is a good place to be. I was on it for 3and1/2years but have read some posts here of people being on it 9years.

I don't have any knowledge of how the complications you mention will have on W&W.

It is a stressful time especially when your news is so new. I hope that the outcome of your Mums May appointment will help ease your distress with a more informed conclusion as to what will be the way forward.


thanks bribin,just waiting for this 1st follow up on watch/wait..hopefully will be an informative prognosis,none received as yet,just early diagnosis..fingers crossed..thanks


Chrismac, if I were 88 (I'm 68) and just diagnosed with CLL (I was diagnosed 3 years ago), I would not want to subject MY Mother to any further intrusive treatments; the scans, the ultra sounds are fine, (scans without contrast which can be injectible)...She is in relatively good shape, no significant pain beyond being 88...I'd say WATCH AND WAIT for as long as possible...just don't let her friends Mother had CLL for 35 years (!) and passed away just last year at age 92 and NOT from CLL related illness!


thanks katier for the advice.just waiting for the numbers to be delivered at appointment,then take it from there. to worry is human,but thanks for your support.will let people know asap thanks


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