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Herbs versus Cancer: A fixed Fight

Hi friends,

On my last blog post it is with a heavy heart that I share the sad story of a dear and brilliant friend who died of another cancer when she refused western medicine until it was too late. And while her story will not be applicable to some of us with CLL, there are lessons I learned from her untimely death (and from that of others with CLL who followed a similar path).

I am a big proponent of a healthy plant based lifestyle and recommend it to everyone who will listen, but I am first and foremost pragmatic and am driven by what works, not by what I wish would work.

Her story is not inspirational in the usual sense, but instructive and ultimately so sad.

Stay strong


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I'm not sure if it's a technical problem my end Brian but I can't seem to open this blogpost which I'd very much like to read. And I'm very sorry to hear of the death of your dear friend.



Fixed now and a beautiful eulogy well worth reading - Neil


Thank you.



Hi I think we are all agreed that a healthy diet and lifestyle (low stress and excise and so on) help with the many symptoms of CLL but for treatment its different. Go with what the medics say. Best wishes sorry that you have lost a dear friend.


Sympathy to you Brian for losing a dear friend.



What a tragedy, so sad!!

Aaaahhh Neil's Yard, used to eat there often with my Berlin girlfriend who lived with me in London. I have fond memories of Croatia also, driving down the beautiful coast via Split and Dubrovnik to Greece and back via Belgrade and Zagreb.

Sympathies to you for losing someone so special to you.


I found myself reading Dragana's cancer journey with a mixture of tears and smiles. I have a sense that she was a wonderfully determined character who lived and died for her convictions. She made her mark and left a tremendous legacy of love and respect.

I hope that when I 'shuffle off this mortal coil' I also leave a massive aftershock. It's all we can ever hope for really.

I can see how losing a charismatic friend like this would be doubly hard Brian but in good old Sinatra's words, 'she did it her way!' and then some!

Warm thoughts from,

Newdawn x


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