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ASH 2013: Dr Jeff Sharman Discusses the Ideal Design of Phase 3 Trials with Novel Agent versus the Reality in the Community

Hi friends,

I just posted on my blog an interesting interview with the very lucid Dr. Sharman on the trials of clinical trial design.

This is important for anyone who is considerign enterign a clinical trial

Let me know what you think



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Thanks for this Brian, my initial reaction was that it seemed unfair that the better option was not being offered to 50 per cent of those on the trial. I was molified somewhat at the crossover option, but still wonder whether there is a yet unmentioned drug that has passed initial trials that could be used in such a trial.

Guess phase 3 is more of a proving trial.. If so perhaps we can look forward to a reasonably early release.



Should be approved this year in the USA if all goes well


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