Health Check: should I use antibacterial hand sanitisers?

Health Check: should I use antibacterial hand sanitisers?

Which of the following should we use at home; alcohol-based hand sanitisers, antibacterial soaps or other antibacterial products? Trent Yarwood, Infectious Diseases Physician and Associate Lecturer at University of Queensland gives his opinion in The Conversation:

Triclosan and the risk of antimicrobial resistance of the different hand cleaning options is covered as is the value of antibacterial chopping blocks and babies toys. Food for thought.



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3 Replies

  • I love the photo, Neil.

  • I always carry alcohol based hand sanitisers when I'm out and about, also anti viral hand wipes. If I am attending my GP or hospital etc I wear a personal ioniser - Air Tamer

    At home there are three half litre hand sanitisers, and both antibacterial cakes of soap, and half litre antibacterial soap dispensers placed beside the bathroom and kitchen sinks.

    I also have my own personal towels, which are kept separate from those that the rest of the family use.

    The truth is though .... we are just interlopers on a bacterial planet.

  • Good to read this article as I use hand sanitizers like ygtgo when out and about..I read somewhere that you cannot beat hand washing in soap and water, but I have yet to step off public transport and find a handbasin and soap waiting for me. So hand sanitizers win hands down.


    Great shot Neil

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