Could this be the answer for those of us with night sweat disturbed sleep?

Could this be the answer for those of us with night sweat disturbed sleep?

Gizmag today has an article (including a video) on a bedjet that heats or cools your bed with a blast of air:

Production funds are currently being raised on Kickstarter for the Bedjet. A pledge of US$249 will get you one, when and if they're ready to go. The estimated retail price is $399.


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  • Interesting, but how noisy I wonder..??


  • Not sure if this is worth the money since the night sweats are not due to room or bed temperature but one's own body system. A small, quiet fan placed next to you can help. Nothing I know of can stop night sweats but once you are hot the fan blowing across you helps cool down through evaporation. Also, they make PJ's that wick away the sweat but 100% cotton sleepwear is helpful.

  • Good tips Kam73. I agree that all of these are only helping us reduce the discomfort, with curing the CLL the only way to fully solve the problem. For those of us with disrupted sleep, anything that helps us get a more restful night's sleep should help our physical and mental health. Thanks for sharing your low cost and quieter suggestions.

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