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Where's all the activity? What's happened to the 'News Feed' and 'Latest Activity' pages? Why aren't I getting email notifications?

Where's all the activity?  What's happened to the 'News Feed' and 'Latest Activity' pages?  Why aren't I getting email notifications?

If you have actually found this post, CONGRATULATIONS!! The 'News Feed' and 'Latest Activity' pages stopped working late Friday evening and that means notifications are also not going out. Just before these pages stopped working, I actually received some duplicate notifications from some time back, so all is not well at the moment.

For now, if you are trying to find out if anyone has responded to your post or question, you'll just have to open your post or question and check, by clicking on 'Questions' or 'Posts' in the purple menu bar :( . Check the bottom line (the grey text) of each entry for when the last activity occurred. You'll then have to scan the post/question replies for the most recent 'last activity', which will again be in grey but at the top right of each reply.

I've reported the problem and I expect everything will be working properly by mid Monday.

Also a reminder that any private posts or questions will not appear in the 'News Feed' and 'Latest Activity' pages even when they are working as intended, so please remember to check if anyone has submitted an item marked as private since you last visited our community. Private posts and questions should be visible early next year in the 'News Feed' and 'Latest Activity' pages after HU release an upgrade that properly integrates these private submissions with the website. The current situation is a temporary work around that was quickly implemented to protect sensitive discussions and I notice that it is getting plenty of use, with over half of the recent posts and questions being submitted viewable only by our community.

Thank you for your patience,


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I appreciate that there's a problem with notifications Neil but the site seems to have been remarkably quiet anyway over the weekend following a frenzy of activity last week.

Hopefully it's a positive sign that members' attention has been diverted to preparations for Christmas!

Hope so anyway and best wishes to those in treatment or having a bit of a struggle at the moment.

Newdawn x


Tonight I suddenly got lots of email notifications, of messages that had come over the last 2 days. Still no updates to "Newsfeed" or "Latest Activity" though.



Thanks for the feedback. Ditto here both for email notifications and lack of updates. I guess HU are only just discovering we've all had a quiet weekend and that they are about to have a busy morning :)


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