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iwCLL 2013: Dr. Tom Kipps Discusses the Changing Role of Chemo-immunotherapy in CLL and the New Role of BCL-2 Blockers


I am back from an amazing time at ASH 2013.

I posted this interview on my blog ( ) from last September with Dr. Kipps as I believe it will help inform and place in perspective the new coming out of ASH on ABT-199.

Stay strong


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Thanks Brian. I love Cologne/Koln, having lived there with friends during the 70s. Carnival in the Altstadt, great!! :)


Me too.... Cologne /Koln is a super place to visit and the cathedral a real wonder. I come across from Switzerland and visit friends of the wife in that area....

Good time for some German Christmas markets..!!



Ja, bringen auf der Gluhwein!!! :)


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