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Do I tell my (teenage) children about my diagnosis?

Do I tell my (teenage) children about my diagnosis?

This reassuring report about a Norwegian study comparing 120 teenagers who had parents with invasive cancer, including leukaemia, with 429 teenagers with cancer-free parents, found that teenagers with parents who have invasive cancer displayed no greater prevalence of psychosocial problems than did their peers with cancer-free parents.

No Greater Psychosocial Problems Observed in Teenage Children of Cancer Patients

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(The Welcome Swallow family in my picture built their nest in my garage about 5 years ago and have raised plenty of youngsters since. It was fascinating to watch them build the nest and show their innate engineering skills as they first built the platform just the right distance from the ceiling to minimise access, left it to dry for a few days, then built and lined the nest. Construction took them many hundreds of trips to the nearest mud source in wetlands, several hundred metres from my home. )

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I particularly liked the conversation reported by Summer5 that cancer is like a relative that no one likes but who keeps turning up and we have to deal with them because they are family and whether you like them or not you can't ignore them!

Love the swallows!!


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