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Volunteers required for CLL research interviews of relapsed and refractory UK members.

Are you able to take part in a study on Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia (CLL) and Mantle Cell

Lymphoma (MCL). Thanks to your help the research company have reached their quota for 'watchful waiting' patients (not currently on treatment).

The researchers are now looking to schedule patients whose condition has relapsed as well as refractory patients (disease did not respond to treatment or returned in less than six months).The researchers are also looking to speak to care givers of this group

This is not a clinical trial,

rather asking patients and carers about their experiences of the various stages

of the disease and treatment.

This may involve face-to-face interviews in central London offices on Monday 21st

of October and also webcam interviews that run on Tuesday 22nd October, Thursday 24th

October and Friday 25th October.

*Pre task - a short homework assignment to be done in preparation for the interview.

Respondents will be required to compile a collage of images or pictures (from any

source) that represent their experience from diagnosis to present.

Rather than post all of the details here, please contact me through a private message and I will provide you with more detail and connect you with the research team.


CLL Support Association

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