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Sweats, Breathless and Now Very Low Blood Salts

Hey all, after recently posting about my symptoms of breathlessness and irratic sweats I have just had a short stay in hospital after waking up on late Saturday night being very short of breath. Chest X-ray is clear and the nebuliser helped regulate my breathing but they also found all the salts in my blood were extremely low - phosphates, magnesium, calcium & potassium. They can't explain why this is and if it is related to CLL. With regard to "CLL bloods" everything remains slightly increasing but very stable and predictable. They think my short of breath may be asthma as my peak flow measurement could not get by 300. I am home now and wondering if the low salts are CLL related or something new to contend with? Any advice or experience with this? (My background - female, age 34, diag 6 years, on w&w still) Wishing you all well! :) xxx


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Hi TinyTattooedToes

Hope things are improving for you now. I can't advise as your symptoms are not something I have experienced. Just wanted to let you know I am wishing you well.



That's very kind, thank you :)


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