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October - Clinical trial mini-update - B + R and Idelalisib - CAL 101

Hey All, After my third (uneventful.) B + R treatment late September i have been in to see my Consultant (today -9th October.) WBC 118 / LC 115 - My doctor continues to remark about my body's excellent response to three rounds of chemo treatment and CAL 101 / Placebo.

We also reviewed two CT Scans - one before treatment and the other two days ago - 7/10/13 - Consultant 's view (not a trained radiologist .) was that over 80% Lymph node reduction AND during my physical examination he could not feel any Lymph nodes to report.

Doctor strongly suspects that the blood results and lymph node reduction are due to me receiving the trial Idelalisib tablet and not the Placebo !

I hope everyone can find their own positive solution to their situation!


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It must be especially reassuring to be able to report such good news Marty, particularly after having gone through the mill a few times with previous treatments as you have.

Reassuring to us too. I know we have members that have had previous treatments and are wondering what's available should their current remission end.

May the rest of your treatments be equally uneventful (other than for the nodes/lymphocytes!).




Great to hear this, Marty. So encouraging - for us reading as well as for you. I'd be very interested though, to know how the people got on who were given R Bendamustine with placebo, and how their results compare with yours. I suppose we have to wait till the trial is over, before knowing that.


Paula & Neil,

Thanks for your replies - I have tried to gently question my doctors about other Trial Patients - but I suppose Patient Confidentiality stops them.

I too would like to know other patients responses to either of the trial "arms" but despite several "posts" on here and the US CLL Forum - nobody has admitted to participating on this Gilead Sciences Trial even though there are supposed to be 390 "invitation" worldwide and fifteen UK Oncology Centres offering this Clinical Trial. (But at the same time I respect their views.)

Perhaps just to discuss the practicalities of the Trial - like I get free car parking and a "visit payment"!

And I am sure that the earlier news / post about Gilead Sciences Study 116 will only speed the more wider use of Idelalisib - AND will be encouraging for my trial co-patients on the Placebo Arm

So I will continue to post, respond - and hope!



Hi Marty

It's so encouraging to share in your excellent news, thank you.

You shine a light at the end of the tunnell, onwards and upwards then.



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