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Hopeful news about CLL

Hopeful news about CLL

I suspect many visitors to these web pages are looking for some hope for a treatment for their CLL and Brian Koffman and Andrew’s team at Patient Power has provided a video. Don’t expect all this to arrive tomorrow, because it will not. But when you compare the research situation of the year 2005 with what we have in 2013, the advances are truly staggering. Plus these increases in knowledge are now moving at an ever faster rate year on year. Brian Koffman has experienced first hand what these new drugs can do, as he has been one patient who enrolled in a clinical trial. He has had some complications, but the overall situation for him is massively improved. This showing in his optimism for the future.

Brian Koffman also has a blog in which he records his path through the drug trials and other items.

A Patient's Perspective: Why I'm Excited About CLL Research

Video interview with Dr. Brian Koffman

We may look back at the September, 2013 meeting of the International Workshop on CLL (iwCLL) in Cologne, Germany as a landmark meeting for patients. Many new therapies are in development and doctors are more hopeful than ever about real progress in helping patients live better and longer. Dr. Brian Koffman, a Patient Power contributor, who is a family physician and CLL patient, shares his perspective about the significance of this meeting for patients.


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