I just received this under private messages. I don't know how these people got to my account - have they somehow joined our group or gone to HU and are sending this out to the members of all HU groups? I will be filing a complaint if I can get the support link to work. I hope anyone else who gets this will as well.


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  • Hi Pat

    Thanks for your information, If anyone else has received a private message from the user [ tmram ] or [ TM Ramachandran ] or any solicitous mail please disregard and send Neil or myself the details and user name as well as reporting this to HU

    Pat I have removed this user's advertising message and active links broadcast in your message to the group encase anyone is drawn to their site or reacts to their message. I am sorry that someone has spammed you through your PM facility. Especially disturbing when they are feeding on the vulnerability of cancer patients,peddling advice & remedies.

    I have checked membership for the user name [ tmram ] to restrict the person but cannot find them anywhere in the member list. HU may have got there ahead of me.

    Are you a member of another group? I have forwarded a complaint to HU and details to ensure that this spammer is restricted and others are made aware of this activity.

    I will forward you all feedback


  • Refreshing that the group moderator takes this privacy issue so seriously thanks Neil

  • Actually Nick beat me to it ;). We treat intrusions of this type into our community very seriously as do HU and perhaps because of that they are rare.

  • Apologies Nick. It is great to have found this site and anything that compromises the members is not good. Technology confuses me but glad some of us know what to do about it, have a good day

  • I am a member of another group and both groups were affected, so i suspect that this person or organization is trolling for places to post. The other group also received a message from Amedeo at Health Unlocked, so hopefully this is the end of it.

  • Hi Pat

    HU have informed us that should be the end of it. This user has been banned from HealthUnlocked. Additionally they tracked how far his spamming went and he only reached out to members of the other group and not here,


  • Thanks, Nick. I suspect it is someone who was trolling on the HU site. The other group also reported it immediately. Several of their members had received messages. Sad that there are people like that who are out to take advantage of people!

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