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What causes cancer?

 What causes cancer?

In August there was a new study published by UK scientists in the journal Nature which was broadcast by the media last month and extensively commented on by leading UK Cancer research organisations that lends weight and some insight into the potential causes of different cancers. This study reveals the genetic finger prints of several processes that are driving the development of cancers. It is hoped that understanding what is causing them will help us discover how cancers develop and may lead to prevention and future novel treatments.

Read The Guardian Genetic map of cancer reveals trails of mutation that lead to disease:

The Sanger Institute Signatures of Cancer

Cancer Research UK have written a very good review and explanation in great depth Huge genetic analysis points to cancer-causing culprits: scienceblog.cancerresearchu...

Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research also wrote an interesting and understandable review article and explain what this may mean for blood cancers leukaemialymphomaresearch.o...

The study published in the journal Nature:

An easy read version The BBC article:

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Encouraging news, thanks Nick,

From Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research:

"What does it all mean for blood cancers?

First, it seems that blood cancers are less genetically messed up at the time the tissue samples were strikes an optimistic note for being able to one day figure out blood cancer biology as a whole and design treatments to cripple blood cancers at their genetic root."

This would mirror the development of chemotherapy in fighting cancer, where the first success was with acute childhood leukaemia.



These types of videos give patients an insight into the science of cancer. It also shows that the more we know there more there is to know. But its all a step in the right direction. Best wishes


Dr Sharman has also written on this subject at the following link



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