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Unlocking Richter's

Unlocking Richter's

New international study in Blood Journal ... has found that ...

Richter's occurs in up to 15% of CLL

Two main genetic pathways lead to the transformation

Two groups are involved

Trisomy 12 is involved in 1/3 of cases

Cell cycle inactivation of TP53 and of CDKN2A was found in 50% of cases

Richter syndrome has genomic complexity intermediate between chronic lymphocytic leukemia and diffuse large B-cell lymphoma.

RS shared some of the lesions seen in de novo DLBCL, but its genomic profile was clearly separate.

The CLL-phase preceding RS had not a generalized increase in genomic complexity when compared with untransformed CLL, but it presented clear differences in the frequency of specific genetic lesions.



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