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‘Familial’ chronic lymphocytic leukemia - An interview with Dr Chris Pepper

‘Familial’ chronic lymphocytic leukemia - An interview with Dr Chris Pepper

I must thank Chris at CLL Canada for providing us with a very interesting interview with my favorite CLL researcher. Of course he is based at Cardiff so I may appear biased. He is one hell of a nice guy too, he describes himself as; “a solid but unremarkable scientist” I am not sure I agree, he under-does himself, read his story. This explains his extraordinary passion for CLL research.

This is Dr Chris Pepper’s story:

•His reasons for becoming involved with CLL research

•His mentors

•His greatest achievements

•His work with BCL2

•The aims and outcomes of on-going experiments

•Why his research is entirely patient focused.

•What he sees as the benefits of this approach

•His next steps for his research

•How he sees this area developing in the future

Also : Meet the team: Cardiff CLL Research Group

You can read more about Chris Pepper and the Cardiff CLL team in REMEDY • MAY 2013 • EDITION

News from Cardiff University’s School of Medicine

2 Replies

Thanks Nick interesting and positive articles.


Thanks for this Nick. He is what we would call 'a good bloke'.

I particularly liked his comment in futuremedicine: "I firmly believe that the advances that have been made in CLL over the last few decades have come about because of consistent research on patient-derived cells and a constant focus on clinically relevant questions". and......."Many of the patients who donate their blood for our research are incredibly interested and enthusiastic about what we are doing with their cells, and that is a real inspiration and encouragement to everyone in the team".

Certainly a good news piece, thanks :)


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