CLL Support Association

One last upgrade update

Hi All, please accept our apologies for keeping you waiting.

HU have provided us one last update this evening To explain why the switch-over did not take place today. It will happen tomorrow morning (Thursday) UK time

The website developers have ironed out last minute issues and are ready to go. However having had little sleep over the past few days while resolving these, HU have decided it best to rest them ahead of the launch. I hope you will agree that this is an understandable development.

I can imagine how tired the technicians will be and am glad they have resolved the issues ahead of the move. , we need fresh heads on the day. In the meantime we can continue to use the facility as it is, although we are without notifications.

As soon as we gain access tomorrow, community admins will input community settings. The site may be confusing for the first hour but will quickly become clear as we make progress .

HU will be emailing all members tomorrow after the switch-over information to explain functions and assist your navigation.

Thank you for your patience

Neil and Nick


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