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Macmillan, Challenge The Caring Crisis

Macmillan, Challenge The Caring Crisis

"Almost a million people in England help care for a friend or family member with cancer. But they’re not getting the support they need. Help us change this.

For many people with cancer, the support from family and friends is vital so they don't have to face cancer alone. But looking after a loved one with cancer can be tough, and while support is available, many carers don’t actually know it’s there and are unable to get help from day one.

The government’s new Care Bill gives us a great opportunity to address these issues. So please sign our petition and help us fight for those who care. Your support will have a big impact as we talk to politicians about how they can help tackle the caring crisis.

Too often, those looking after a friend or family member with cancer miss out on support. Only 5% of cancer carers get an assessment from their local council to see what help they might need, meaning many reach crisis point before they even find out what support is available.

As the Care Bill makes its way through parliament, we are calling on politicians to raise this crucial issue. It’s time to tackle the caring crisis and acknowledge that cancer carers need to be identified and given the information and support they need from day one."

Further information and access to sign the petition:

Macmillan campaigns information:

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I absolutely support this campaign and will certainly support it.

There is an additional group of people who suffer doubly (and I know some are members on here). Those are the people who are both sufferers and carers too. I'm in that group and some days it's a tough role to fulfill.

I know from professional experience in this field that it's much easier to obtain services as the 'sufferer' than the carer but I would urge any carer to insist on an assessment from their UK Local Authority (Social Services Dept.) and to ask for a Care Plan outlining the support to be provided. And for this Care Plan to be annually reviewed. It's an area that's sadly neglected. However there's a plethora of legislation supporting carers' rights in this country and on occasion I've had reason to quote it to get essential services.

I hope this campaign can make a difference.

Newdawn x


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