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A smart thermometer with plenty of promise

A smart thermometer with plenty of promise

Here's some news about an iPhone app (with an Android app on the way) that couples a thermometer with a smart phone to deliver more than just a temperature.

To quote:

"Users can then use the app to access current public health records, or to access local Kinsa user groups, to see what bugs are going around. For any illnesses that match the symptoms of the patient, the app will provide recommendations for treatment, along with things to watch for. If the user decides that their doctor should be contacted, they can do so with the click of a single button."

I particularly like it that their "Plans also call for development of an illness forecast, where users will be able to find out if they’re still in the contagious phase of the illness, and how close they are to being better."

Full article:

Lets hope their plans are realised or that competition delivers us something even more useful.


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Glad to see they have a wired connection... would work better with iPads ;-)


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