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Does a direct bilirubin of 2.2mg/GL (conjugated hyperbilirubinaemia) detected via blood test) in baby always means health issues like biliary atresia or other? Any chance baby could be fully healthy despite the blood test result? His poop is still mustard yellow in color. Currently pending to see a hepatologist but the wait is stressing us out. Thanks.

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  • Hi, unfortunately the only person who can answer that question for you is the doctor.

    I know it must be difficult waiting for an appointment, however you also need to remember that each child is different and react very different to infections and illness so although the wait is hard the professionals are the people who will have the answer.

    If you would like information on any liver disease you can go to

    Regards Jacquie

  • Thanks.

  • Congratulations on your new baby but what a worrying time for you all. Unfortunately the hepatologists are the only ones to answer your questions. Our thoughts are with you. Hope your appointment is soon but I know the wait is awful. We found once we got to the liver unit things moved quickly. We have a 11year old who happens to have biliary atresia but lives a normal full life. Stay strong,love and hugs

    Take care

  • Congrats on your new baby. Please relax and enjoy your new baby. It will turn out to be a false alarm. GodBless

  • Thanks and we sure hope so too.

  • Thanks and glad to hear that your kid is well.

    We managed to meet the hepatologist who ordered another blood test which shows the total bilirubin went down but the direct bilirubin went up slightly. But she doesn't seem too concern and asked to wait for another week to do another blood test to see if the direct bilirubin goes up or down before deciding if ultrasound of the liver is needed. As his poop are mustard yellow and the other tests of the liver from the blood test seems fine. So another week wait for us but hoping his direct bilirubin will reduce by itself.


  • Congratulations on the new baby, but as others have said only the Dr has the answers and I know the wait you are struggling with but I always say if they are making you wait a little they are not overly concerned so see that as some positive if you can. Thinking of you at this time, X

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