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Foods that cause toilet accidents

Hello everyone,

Our 4yo son with BA is toilet trained since he was 2 1/2 yo however when he eats certain foods he will have a dirty toilet accident, it's not diahorrea but he cannot hold it for long. I managed to spot Haribo's whenever he got haribos from his nursery he would have a toilet accident too. We stopped that from his diet, but I was just wondering if there are any other similar foods that might make him go urgently without being able to hold it.

Have you had this with your little one ? Any tips on how to manage/learn more about it?

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Have you spoken to your hospital (either Kings/Birmingham or Leeds) and asked for the dietician to help to work out a plan for foods that causes irritation or accidents

I would also drop the hospital nurses you speak to most an email and ask for their opinion and how they would approach this, it may well not be liver related but it is always a good idea to check. Drop us a message if you need any contact details for anyone

Speak soon



My son Alfie has BA and we had this same problem.. Two years ago he was diagnosed with coeliac disease and since being on a gluten free diet his toilet troubles are over. We always thought it must be liver related and just dealt with it. On one of many appointments for his BA we saw a gastro specialist who realised this wasn't right and from there he was diagnosed. The first step was just a simple blood test. I am not saying this is what is wrong with your son but it's definitely worth bringing to a doctor's attention. Hope you find the cause soon.. good luck..

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