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Who offers travel insurance for children with biliary atresia?

Our daughter is 16 weeks old and had the kasai operation 10 weeks ago. All seems to be going well and we've booked a holiday to Spain in May.

I'm trying to book travel insurance but no one will quote online. Before I start ringing around various companies to get quotes, would anyone be able to suggest a company which will offer insurance?


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Hi I recently used went to the us last year this was by far the cheapest I could find

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Hii, definitely go on holidays, live a full life :) my daughter is now 22. We could not get travel insurance when we took her abroad aged 5months. So we made a decision.... To have as many wonderful holidays ad we could armed with a credit card , then if needed we would use it and sort out the bills if and when they happened. Not sure of any companies that can help nowadays as I know things have improved. Hope you have a lovely holiday :) claresmom x


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