Kasai on Dec 2, 2013

Kasai on Dec 2, 2013

Hi!! My Daughter Ashton was diagnosed with Biliary Atresia Nov25, 2013 and had her Kasai Dec2, 2013! She was 61 days old at procedure. Her poops turned a beautiful spinach green on 1st day post op! They are now spinach green or an ugly dark yellow color! Wahoo! It is now 11 days since procedure. My husband and I are having a very very hard time getting her to eat!! We went home without a feed tube with a 20 oz goal per 24 hrs. She is barely doing it though. It makes me sad to look at her in just a diaper because she is so skinny. Any advice for us?? It is so nice to be able to express my feelings here with people that know exactly what we are going through!

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  • Hi love my daughter had a kasai in 2011 and she is going to be 3 on the 20th January. Just persevere love and keep on tryin her with her milk. have you contracted the dietitian? maybe she can offer you some advise xx hope she starts drinking her milk soon keep me updated. x

  • Hello. Beautiful baby! My boy had the Kasai 5 1/2 years ago and I still remember the worry about getting him to eat enough. He never needed a tube but it was hard work! The dietitians do set tough targets but persevere. Hope all goes well.

  • Hi my baby boy is a year post kasai on 9 January, i was so worryed about him not gaining weight he was discharged with pepti junior milk which was so hard for him to take, and was such a bad eater when he started his spoon feeds, i was so worryed about him. the dietician then put him on a high calorie milk which he loves :-) and now wont take ordinary cows milk and he eats everything now cant get enough. They have came through so much at the begining. contact your dietitian i was alwatys rining mine when my wee boy woudnt eat, i remeber been so anxious when he wouldnt eat. hope al goes well xx

  • In the beginning did you have to use an NG tube? How long did you spend each time feeding him? Our dietician is only letting us spend 20minutes on bottle then the rest goes down the tube. Her feeds are just so hit or miss though. She will have 4 great feeds and take the whole bottle them she will have bad ones where she leaves about 1/3 to go down the tube. Any suggestions?

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