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Repeated punches to stomach concern on Alpha 1 Patient

Evening, Benjamin (5) has come home from school every day this week complaining that 1 particular boy has been punching him in stomach, he says they were playing power rangers, so I do think this is just rough play. I spoke to his teacher today and I am not the first mum to complain. I just wondered if repeated punching could affect his liver over a period of time, his liver is currently all ok and normal xx

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Hi my little boy is 3 with alpha-1 and I always wondered will he be able to play contact sport when he's older.. I was giving the answer that as long as lft's are normal, he doesn't have varices/portal hypertension or swollen stomach etc (which now my little boy has grow up I have all the above) So as long as your little boy is doing ok I wouldn't be too worried though maybe bring him to the doctor to get him checked over?x


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