Not sure its angina,could anyone pls elaborate on the below queries.

1) Is Angina continuous (Can continue for days).

2) Is the Angina pain unbearable

Have been having this slight pain in the Middle part of cheat for at least 10 to 15 days and there is slight twitches/pinches in the lower jaws also but its not pain,

Could this be Angina.Further to all this i am quite agile at present can walk 1 to 2 Miles at a stretch and doing tread mill also.


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  • I would suggest you see your GP as soon as possible or go to A&E and get an ECG done to confirm what is going on. Angina is a reduced supply of oxygenated blood due to restricted flow somewhere in the heart. It usually presents itself with burping when you exert yourself, so if you are getting it all the time it needs looking at as soon as possible particularly since you also have discomfort in the jaw. Good luck, but get it investigated as soon as possible the Dr or hospital will help so trust in them.

  • There are a lot of difference in care and test at the A&E,in walking into A&E or taken by an ambulance to A&E. If your pain is very bad then you should take immediate action.

  • I wanted to ask ? Is Angina pain continues.

    As my pain is mild and is been there for 15 days.If the answer is yes then i will definitely go to a doc.It can be chest congestion also.

  • The good news is that angina pain is not continuous and certainly not for 15 days. However, you really need to go to a doctor

  • Thanks that's what i was looking for that Angina is not continues,also note have been quite agile meaning doing Tread Mill,walking up the stairs 2 Floors etc so the chances of Angina are less.

  • Either go to A&E or get an urgent appointment with your GP.Who knows what could be going on??


  • Angina pain can be for 10 mins or 10 days (but should be checked out IMF that long) and pain can be acute or mild. I think you should check all of. This out with your GP and if you're not. Happy then ask f or a second opinion.

  • Hi,

    I am afraid I am unable to answer your question as I have not experienced this pain. I am not a medical person. I always go to the GP for any medical condition even though there are medical people in my family. Medical advice?, I am afraid, no not me.

    What is IMF?

  • Get it checked out! Two years ago I suffered from angina and sometimes I could walk for miles with no pain at all, other times it was very painful. I thought it was just stress, but it turned out that one of my major coronary arteries was completely blocked. If the pain is in the centre of your chest and radiates up into your jaw - and possibly also down your left arm - then it's probably angina. Even if the pain is slight it could still be a warning that an artery has narrowed. I dreaded the thought that I could have something wrong with my heart, so I went into denial. If I had continued in that state of mind I could have had a major heart attack. Thankfully, I never had a heart attack, despite the serious blockage. So my advice is to get to your GP without delay.

  • I went to my doctor with what I called a little fluttering in my chest, then I would feel small discomfort in my throat and neck area then after that I felt I had to take some deep breathes in which I kind of felt a little pain under my left breast all this lasted for about 1 minute. (I had a couple of these episodes over the week) My doc didn't give me an ECG, he told me to make an appointment the next day for one...he said I was fine though...However, that night I had the same sensations again but a litlle stronger, so I went to A&E ,, they gave me an ECG and told me I was having a heart attack.......I wish now I could have been seen sooner than later....You may be fine but you still have to get it checked just to put your mind at ease...xx

  • Hi,

    I am learning. What was the tratement is response to the finding in the ECG.?


  • hi there,,, not sure if you meant my ECG or someone elses,,, but if it was mine then they injected me with loads of blood thinners and I also took oral blood thinners ,,, taken straing the resus area and kept an eye on..stayed over night in hospital and told me i had a large heart attack,,very shocked as it didn;t hurt that much ,, perhaps they caught it in time,,,,,,to cut a long story short was kept in hospital for 5 nights waiting for a angiogram,,, (to see what your arteries are looking like ,,,,blocked wise,,) had to be taken by a blue flashing light to angiogram as i was getting worse ,, more episodes of heart attacks.....they found i had a artery blocked 99per cent and put a stent in ,,,shocking and amazing ............i was fit before and fit now, as long as it stays that way...xx

  • Hi,

    You have gone through a lot!, I ment yuor EGC, I am learning a lot from this site. Am taking care of my health. Cholesterol is still high and am on medication. I feel fine in the gym on the mike and cross trainer for 15 minutes each every Saturday and Sunday morning. I am in the process of finding out what test are available to check blockage. Ultra Sound tests?. Please take care, make sure you take your medication every day.

  • Hi,

    Your symptoms certainly sound like angina pectoris, but with the jaw aching one cannot rule out the possibility of temporal arterits. Both scenarios require a medical work-up and definitely an ECG and blood tests. You should see your GP and please don't be fobbed off with the practice nurse, as is the norm in my area where it is almost impossible to see a GP without having an argument! Good luck and please be reassured that your symptoms are quite treatable without anything particularly unpleasant.

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