Pomegranate Juice and PON-1

I have recently made an alteration to my morning smoothie. I now have beetroot and spinach blended with some natural pomegranate juice. Studies showed an 83% increase in human serum PON-1 when people used pomegranate juice for a year. So whats the big deal with PON-1 ?. PON-1 is a molecule attached to the surface of HDL (the so called good cholesterol) and as we age HDL naturally loses some of it and thus suffers a reduction in its ability to cleanse arteries of oxidised LDL and plaque. Pharmaceutical companies would love to come up with a drug that raises PON-1 but in the form of Pomegranate juice we have a natural promoter. Sadly good Pommie juice is not cheap but you do not need loads of it in your smoothie, the rest of the needed fluid to give your smoothie some mush can be made up with water. I also blend my smoothie with a cheap Kenwood blender that does the job nicely. Wash your Krill oil tablet down with this Pommie based smoothie as I do.

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  • Lately I read it is better to chew food to get Nitric Oxide production in out mouth and this can help with many things in our body! Making anything as a drink may not do this. Where do we go, who do we belief?

  • Blending is a quick and easy lazy mans way to get some veg into your system at the start of the day. Its not a substitute for eating veg in their natural form but an addition. Adopting rituals like this are a good way of ensuring you are taking in regular pommie juice otherwise I am sure like me you have experimented with good intentions, perhaps buying the odd bottle. Making it an ingredient in a morning ritual ensures you keep it up.

  • I have been drinking Pom juice now for some time as a substitute for the dreaded statins. It is best taken at night, before going to bed as the liver produces cholesterol to heal as we sleep. You only need 1 fl oz a day so not an expensive ritual for bedtime. and take no notice of the 'best before' advice on a bottle of Pom....mine lasts 2-3 weeks and I've been fine for a couple of years now.

  • Cheers Eve will check that out

  • By my calcs there are 25 fl oz in a bottle which means around 25 days worth, however the bottle says use within 5 days of opening ?

  • Yes I know, Olias, but that is a recent instruction.....I had been drinking it for quite a while before that appeared so continued as I had been doing......without any ill effects....suspect it is recent guidance....or...cynically....to sell more product. Your choice, though.....I really believe in it but research says you need to take it consistently for a year for the effects to be evident. I started taking it after reading a research article......I did post the info a long time ago.

  • I make my own organic muesli which I soak in pomegranate juice, add a dollop of soya yogurt then top off with an assortment of red and blue berries - including pomegranate seeds. Delicious way to start the day!

  • Sounds good YvonneD :)

  • Beetroot and pomegranate juice are high-glycaemic foods that will disrupt hormones.

    As with foods that highlight they are low-fat for instance, we are always told what is supposedly healthy about something, and not the complete picture (such as high in sugar).

  • Also the juice I use POM has a GI of 53 which is classed as low

  • Yes but the glycemic load is low

  • The claims of a low GL are arbitrary if they start you on a negative cycle of blood glucose/insulin/IGF-1 highs and lows.

  • I will conduct a test and repoit back

  • Yesterday I tested my fasting blood glucose in the morning. It came in at 81mg/dl or 4.5 mmol

    Today I tested it after having the beetroot,spinach,spirulina and pommie juice blend. It came in at 101 mg/dl or 5.7 mmol.

    Both of these are well into the normal range. Yes there is sugar in the beet and pommie but for me not to the extent that my blood sugar go's crazy. I also usually drink it after my morning porridge which may help slow it down too. There is bound to be some sort of trade off here between the nutritional value and the slight sugar spike. What do others think. I had my cholesterol done while I was there too, not that I am a big fan of this Cholesterol causes heat disease stuff. It was 5.02 with my HDL at 2.03

  • How long after the juice before you tested please?

  • 1 hour

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