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Does your low fat eating need a makeover? 90 recipes to help lower cholesterol and entertain your taste buds. fromthehealthyheart.com

I have launched a website with 90 recipes that I devised while lowering my cholesterol. There are ideas for breakfasts, soups, salads, fish, chicken, vegetarian meals and desserts. There is also a newsletter with lots of information about what to eat, what to avoid and just how hard it can be to stick to the low fat agenda.

There is also a section for you to post up any low fat recipes you use.

You can subscribe (free) on the website to receive a daily newsletter and recipe, or just take a look at the website when you choose.

I hope you enjoy it. Any feedback is most welcome.


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Hi Foodblog,

Really like the recipes - I have to say as when you said "low fat" I feared the worse. We need our healthy fats and simply cutting out all fats is not a healthy option.

But when I look through its actually just nice recipes with loads of great cholesterol lowering foods as the ingredients.



Hi BetaBalance

So pleased you like the recipes. I totally agree with you about the no fat diets being very unhealthy. As you have seen, I have tried to incorporate as many cholesterol lowering foods as possible so that I eat some of these every day. When I was lowering my cholesterol, I ate the muesli (the very first recipe) almost every morning so that I had my oats first thing. Afternoon snack mostly a handful of almonds and a few pieces of dried apricot (for the calcium). I would have one of the soups or salads for lunch and the fish/chicken/veggie ones for dinner. Kept me feeling very satisfied which I think is key for eating well long term. Important too, my family were happy with what I was serving up so I didn't feel that I had to eat something different to the rest of them.


I've always understood that the liver makes cholesterol during the night when we are asleep, this being so, would an oat meal at evening time work better than at breakfast?


Hi Foodblog, I am sooooo enjoying your newsletter. Your recipes are on hold as I,m unable to concentrate on me at the moment, my Mum still ill. However, your newsletter is both witty and wise. Thank you for the sensible advice, information and those laugh out loud moments.


Hi Chino

Thanks so much for your support and enthusiasm! I hope you find a bit of time to look after yourself at least to de-stress a little. Best wishes for your mum.


Hi Chino,

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