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My cholesterol level is 5.3 my Dr says its fine, should i worry my age 52yrs old

I eat healthy only cook with olive oil don't use dairy white rice, bread, pasta I may be going through the menopause. what am I doing wrong

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I agree! Don't worry any more.


I can only relate my experience, in Jan 2011 I had a mild heart attack and my cholesterol was found to be 7.8 since then I've had an angioplasty(stents) and have been on various statins. For the last 12 months I've been on Rusavastatin which has lowered my cholesterol to 4.8 and in discussion with my GP we are pursuing getting it down below 4. In the words of my GP "The cardiologists would say we should be below 4". Hope that helps - you haven't got far to go which could be achieved by just modifying your diet - see The Ultimate Cholesterol Lowering Plan available on Heart UK Web Site


Hi Mike,

I think I'm right in saying that cardiologists say below 4 only for people at high risk or those who have already had a coronary event.


Aliwally you're right. Unless you face other significant cardiac risk factors such as high BP, obesity, smoking, history of heart disease in the family, our you have had previous cardiac issues I would suggest you need not worry.


Hello information! Welcome! Don't worry about your levels. As said above, only those with heart problems are kept at or below the magic "4". This is something you certainly don't need to worry about. I am 59 years old, and my level is a little above yours, but as my HDL and LDL are only 1.5 apart I don't worry at all. Going on statins or whatever has been seen as not really the right route for women anyway, there are various "papers" written on this.

I have read that if you divide your total cholesterol figure with your HDL figure and it is 4 or below (this is just a "man in the street" measure) it is a sign that you have nothing to worry about. Have you had your full list of figures from your GP when you had your cholesterol measured? Have you a breakdown of the HDL,LDL and Lipids that were found at your test?

Ask your GP for them. You have a right to know. If you need any further information on cholesterol, the breakdown of measurements etc., just Google "cholesterol". There are heaps of info on line for you to troll through, but don't panic. Just eat healthily, (and it looks like you do, but don't become a martyr to your diet-give yourself a treat) take exercise (you don't need the gym, just a daily walk for half an hour or so will do it) and try not to stress out! Mind you if, like me, you are menopausal, you may have trouble with this! Goes with the symptoms!

Keep well, fit and happy and when I have a nice small glass of red wine (good for the heart they say!) I will send a "cheers" to you. All the best


Your very lucky,no need to worry.


told my cholesterol is 5.9 and because my dad had a heart attack the docter says therers not much i can do because its heredatary try tocut salt out


I wouldn't overly worry about it- stress will only cause it to rise further! You should consider reducing the amount of animal foods you consume, but I definitely wouldn't suggest anything other than some lifestyle changes! Check out this course online - 4 week online course with recipes and meal plans to help you lower your cholesterol naturally and maintain healthy levels - happyheartcourse.com


I am 57 and had a level of 5.8. I had some problems with my breathing when running, which I do regularly. I an generally quite fit as I tech martial arts full time.

Eventually I did a treadmill test at out local hospital. I completed it (very hard work) but was told they had detected "changes" in my heart rhythm. Then had angiogram which found three coronary arteries were 90% blocked and I was advised I needed a heart bypass as it was not suitable for stenting. I was shocked to say the least.

In the meantime I had worked on my diet and kept running. Got my level down to 5.0. I also used the plant sterol products.

I have since had a 4 x bypass and feel much better. Ben put on atorvastatin as simvastatin made my legs and muscles ache.

My level is now 3.0 LDL 1.5. My problem is hereditary.

If you have heart problems in your family I would advise further investigation.

Start with full ECG (although mine was normal) full blood tests and if you can get it a stress (treadmill ECG) test. It saved my life. Better safe than sorry.


PS my blood pressure was good and resting heart rate around 45-50


I'm 42 yes old and my cholesterol is 6.19 is verry high


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