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I need to loose 2.5 on my Cholesterol Count is that possible to do in a Month?


I work on cruise ships as entertainer and I had to have a medical . The needed amount max is 5 points for cholesterol. And I registered 7.5 when I had my medical. Now I have bought cod liver oil tablets and fat metbalisers. And Have Changed my diet and start to go to gym and excercise. Could I drop it down to 5 in a month as I will start work on cruise ships on the 1st of may. ?

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It depends on tons of factors, like what you weighed and what you were eating when you posted the 7.5. It's possible, but I suspect it would be a bit much if you have Familial Hypercholesterolaemia (FH).

I'm surprised they set a limit of 5.0 millimoles/litre.

I'd also check current thinking on cod liver oil and cholesterol - I'm sure I was warned off it like 30 years ago, but omega-3 is liked nowadays.

I know someone who dropped from a reading of 8 down to 6 with diet and losing weight. His GP checked after 3 months but I suppose it could have dropped in a month. Good luck. Interested to hear that cruise ships set this limit.

Let us know if you succeed and we will wish you bon voyage.

I am not a doctor but I have raised cholestrol but eat very healthily and exercise. My GP seems to think diet is not always the answer and has put me on statins. he said have another blood test ib 6 weeks so I suppose he is expecting an improvement in this time. Hope this helps. Good luck.

Try this:

Eat no sugar whatsoever for the next month!

No sweets, puddings, fizzy drinks, fruit juice, chocolate etc etc.

If you stick to it your HDL will go up, LDL will be large buoyant and your triglycerides will go down.

Take a look at this video:


Good luck.

ok thanks for the advise every one has given me I advice thankyou !!!! I have been for another medical I have Passed with flying colours!!!!! So seven seas here I come. !!!!!

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